People who exude confidence command respect.

There is something awe-inducing and fascinating about those who have self assurance in themselves.

We admire people who seem secure with their abilities, their appearance, and their lot in life, apparrently undeterred and swayed by others’ opinions, ready to defend themselves and their beliefs.

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Where were you during the big Internet Blackout of October 13 when Facebook and its owned properties Instagram and WhatsApp all went down for 9 hours during a technical snafu?

United Stated Representative Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez , a Democrat who represents the 14th District of New York went on her social…

Interviews of recently passed actor Michael K. Williams show he was quite self-aware of his brilliance in breathing life into characters in a remarkable and extraordinary way unlike many others.

Each time a celebrity who has had a tremendous impact on the Arts, culture and society passes away, we, who are left behind, scamper to find remnants of their talent we may have missed while they were still with us, living.

So this week, as we mourn the tragic and…

Jay Jay Ghatt

Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt; Content Creator/Digital Publisher/Instructor; Founder, Recovering Attny, Founder, 200 Black Women in Tech on Twitter to Follow;

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